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Gravesend Backstory

Gravesend is based on personal and historical experiences and includes many actual people, places, and events all woven into a thrilling, supernatural mystery. The story is told in the first person, bringing the reader into intimate association with the characters in the book. Although the story involves teenagers and the use of a Spirit Board or Ouija Board, it is not a horror story. It is really a mystery.

As Robbie Mauro tells us the story of his life, he is taking us down a trail of mystery and intrigue. What is real? What is imaginary? What is a dream? Most of all, we are trying to determine when the story is actually taking place.

As Robbie shares his experiences, he shows us threads of clues that, woven together, tell us the real story of what is happening. The clues are there, they are just a bit hard to find!

In the end, GRAVESEND attempts to answer the question, What happens when we die? Where does our life’s energy go when we leave this mortal coil?