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The Enochian Dilemma Backstory

A young man meets a tragic end. In life, he was very strong, filled with energy, exhibiting the vitality only a strong personality could muster. His tragic demise requires that he release this energy back to the universe, but what if he could hold it together? What if he could remain as he was, only not in a corporeal form but one in spirit? Can this be “life after death?”

The Enochian Dilemma explores the possibility of a noncorporeal existence. In death, our main character, Robbie, meets an Enochian Angel, one of the special Angels God created to watch over humans, historically known as The Watchers. They were charged with the task of watching over mankind but commanded not to interfere. What if one overstepped his bounds for the good of man?

As the reader soon learns, death isn’t easy and our hero has decided to return his energy to the universe as the laws of God demand. Just as he is about to “give up the ghost”, Ezerial offers him an opportunity. “Follow me on a quest to save mankind, and, if successful, I may return your life to you.” Ezerial avoids advising Robbie that the quest is most likely doomed to fail and he will be lost forever.

The book employs Einstein’s theories on parallel universes and crystal energies, as well as historical biblical accounts to transport Robbie to a dimension where he must battle forces far greater than anyone has ever encountered before. Can he be successful or will all be lost?