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Live Die Repeat Backstory

Most people love a good zombie story. The dead coming back to life to wreak havoc on the living, a trope that has been timeless since George A. Romero released Night of the Living Dead back in 1968. But what is the origin story behind the living dead? What causes the dead to rise and attack the living?

The tome explores the possibility of a real disease, infection, or similar medical condition that, under the right conditions, can be a real cause for the rise of zombies. What if there was a protein-like virus that could invade the body, kill its victim, and take over the control of the central nervous system, reanimating the body creating a zombie? And what if this organism was not from our planet?

Even the CDC got into the act when in 2011 the Center for Disease Control wrote and published Preparedness 101: The Coming Zombie Apocalypse. I used this publication as a basis for what to expect from our leaders and how they would respond to such an impossible problem. By taking this as a starting point, the story moves toward a solution beyond the natural world. Only time will tell if is the right course of action...