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Ghost Witch Backstory

The Lenni Lenape Indian tribe played a crucial role in the early formation of our great nation. Initially our enemy, they soon became our allies as our nation progressed toward a revolution with England.

One legend of the Lenni Lenape, that of the Ghost Witch, forms the backbone of this story. Medicine men were a critical part of Indian Tribal Life. Most medicine men practiced healing medicine, but some, having experienced evil firsthand, turned to dark magic. A Ghost Witch is said to have been created upon the death of an evil medicine man or magician who refused to stay dead but came to life at night to kill, eat, and throw curses at any unlucky humans who come across him. The only way to permanently destroy a Ghost Witch is by fire.

Our story takes place in modern-day and begins with a series of grisly murders, horrific in every detail, but leaving no clues or trace evidence of any kind to help find the killer. Baffled, the police turn to Dr. Emily Howell, the local Medical Examiner, who finds a single clue that takes them on an impossible journey leading to the conclusion that the murderer may be a 250-year-old Indian Medicine Man’s spirit wreaking havoc on all he touches. How do we deal with a murderer who is already dead?