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Ghost Witch Backstory

GhostWitch is derived from an Indian legend in which a medicine man can be good or evil, depending on the life he leads and whether he practices good or evil magic.

A series of grisly, horrific murders begins the tale. Although the murder scene is horrid, the killer or killers have left no trace, no clues, and no leads as to who is committing these crimes. With no suspects, the police are baffled.

A young coroner uses all her skills and resources to help find the killer. She searches the bodies, reviews the reports, and visits the scene - all to no avail. Nearly exhausted and ready to give up, she comes across a single clue that leads her down an improbable trail to an impossible conclusion: the killer may be the 100-year-old spirit of an Indian medicine man or GhostWitch.

The novel explores Indian Lore, American history, and takes us on an adventure during which our heroes try to stop a murderer who is already dead.